The Gabolexin has specially been developed for the after treatment of radioactive health care. It is offered for every day usage too because of its excellent skin care effect.

Based on research the Gabolexin Forte and Plus are favorable to treat tumorous diseases and to ease side effect caused by chemotherapy treatment and to improve physical conditions and to strength the defending sources of the body.

On the effect of Gabolexin cells of the immune system becomes more active in the creating such stuff connected to the tumor cells identifying them.

As a consequence the immune system starts to attack the tumor cells. As a result the body is able to destroy the tumor cells with its natural defensive system and if it is work well after a certain time the measure of the tumor can visibly be smaller.

In a word our product makes the immune system capable to identify and destroy the malignant tumor cells. This was not known earlier so it could have been the source of many fatal diseases.

We would like to underline that our product does not contain cell-destroying effect so it cannot cause to the healthy cells.

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