F.A.Q. - General description and usage for the customer

The contents and the prices of the monthly dosage?

Gabolexin branch products are available in packages which contain a monthly dosage and cost of 26,000HUF=90Euro

Gabolexin Forte 2 X 250 ml. For interior usage.

Gabolexin Plus 200g for oral usage.

How to use the product?

The best effect can be achieved by complex usage Gabolexin Forte shake it well before applying it daily dose 2 X 10 ml. in the morning and evening. The first portion Is advisable to drink right after getting up on empty stomach you shouldn’t apply two hours before meal and half an hour after meal, because the sudden increase of the digestion engines can ruin the effective substance of the medicine. Gabolexin Plus: Skin refreshing and cooling gel should be applied at least two times a day the gel must be applied on the ailing body parts with a thin layer such as on the spine and nape (back of the head) massage no needed. The patient can feel strong coolness which cannot be felt after absorbing.

Any important information for the Gabolexin?

Gabolexin plus and Gabolexin forte consist of plant based effective agents, and recommended for patients with tumoros illnesses each of the components has already proved their beneficial effects which is well known but the proper mixture of them brings the optimal effect.

When not offered to use?

During pregnancy, suckling, sensitivity to any components.

What side effects has it got?

No side effect it is toxin free to 100%.

How to store?

Forte: Keep it in the fridge only as long as a month after the opening

Plus: Can be stored at max 25 °C

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