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Thankful letters from the satisfied patients who has already tried the newly appeared can be the most reliable references. In the past few years we go nearly 100 letters with positive opinions and thank from which we have published a few reporting very favorable cases of recovering stopping or reversing of the illness.

There are some letters reporting miracle, but neither our company dealing with Gabolexin nor our dealers can promise such, although those suffering from a fatal illness tend to believe so, having experienced any positive change.

Dear Gabolexin!

I'd like to share my experiences concerning to Gabolexin it was January 2005 when I first acquainted with it by one of my friends 25. December 2004 her husband was diagnosed to have lungs tumor and informed about the prospects. The doctor said that he would die within six weeks my friends started to gather information to save her husband's life. And like out of the blue came the Gabolexin after having procured it they immediately applied it after two weeks of usage a significant progress could be seen and he got well. Meanwhile he was treated with chemo and radiation therapy which weren't really approved because shorter term of survival. all these happened a year ago as for her the recovering is due to the Gabolexin. My friend's husband is safe and sound again.

The other case is similar to the story mentioned above, but I think the more story the more chance to justify the beneficial effect of your medication. In May 2005 my friend's father was diagnosed to have bronchia tumor and was told that he would die within 2 months. I suggested to try your product as last effort. They took my good advice and to the great surprise of both the family and doctor's he got well within a short time and he is well since he has been taking the Gabolexin. Finally, I myself was operated for tumor in my breast in May of 2004. A malignant tumor had removed from one of my breasts and then came the chemo and radiation treatment. At that time I didn't know anything about Gabolexin but now to the suggestion of my family and the good reputation of the medicine I decided to apply it as an after treatment. Although I am free from bad symptoms. I feel sorry for the families having no information about the existence of your product and when having had, sometimes it's too late to save the beloved patient's life. So my firm intention, to let my fellow patients know about the existence and access of Gabolexin. If you contribute me to do so.

Finally I would like to say thanks in the name of my fellow patients for your devoted work with the wish to hear about Gabolexin as a medicine as soon as possible. I am nursing hopes that doctors society will acknowledge curing effects of our products and suggest it for the patients who consider every additional day as a gift of life.

You're sincerely:

N. Jánosné, Marika (Full name, and access is available in our office)

My father is suffering from bone marrow tumor

Since using Gabolexin his condition has considerably improved. Previously he was unable to get up or move. He has never been treated before. After a month term of usage of Gabolexin his health conditions have turned to much better. He was able to get up and walk.

After a month now he can drive and do his daily routine we are very grateful to you, for giving hope and life to my father, and us as well.

Budapest, 9 August 2003.

Sz. Nikolett (Full name, and access is available in our office)

Dear Sir K.G.

U. Violetta suffering from Hodgkin syndrome(tumorous lymphatic gland) was treated (besides chemotherapy) with Gabolexin using it to strengthen her immune system we could significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy so much that after two or three relaxing days she could work.

She had her last chemotherapy in January 2003 based on the checkup on 19 June in the Institution Of Oncology and according a doctor's opinion the lymphatic glands on her neck pretty well disappeared and her chest X-Ray , abdomen UH and lab results were all right (control PET).

In Debrecen a whole body PET examination was carried out including transversal of the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis with the result that FDG accumulating area with malady couldn't be seen.

Opinion: The basic illness is in complete remission.

Grateful thank for the help!

Bp. 07-08-2003

Yours sincerely U. Zoltánné (Full name, and access is available in our office)

Dear Gabolexin!

First of all we are very glad that we were lucky enough to get the medicine. It was 21-05-2007 when turned out that my father a lungs tumor the whole family was shocked after lot of enquiring and search we managed to get the medicine with the help of one of our family members so we are very grateful particularly for the results caused by Gabolexin it's true that my father have leaved trough wide range of treatments of chemo and radiation. As for me the combination of the two is very effective. To the greatest surprise of the doctors he's illness has come to halt. And he is healthy and it's amazing.

Grateful Thanks!

T.Tibor's daughter (Full name, and access is available in our office)

Dear Mr. K. G.!

As we have agreed earlier I tried to drop a few rows about my brother's R. János tortures in illness.

In the year of 2004 he was examined several times as he felt fatigued, tiredness and could hardly take a breath after as short distance walking as 10-20 meters. However no serious disorder had been found. By 22 December 2004 he's health conditions became so bad that he couldn't walk or speak at all. He had to be taken to hospital by ambulance car and taken to the pneumonia, and after a speculum examination he was diagnosed to have carcinoma and it was also justified by the biopsy. According to his doctor he had no much time left and he's near death could be predicted as for the doctor the tumor became large which completely blocked the main bronchia.

After the second speculum it began to bleed, so the doctor prepared us for the bad news that he might die by the evening however another tumor was found on the collar bone which had been cut out after a couple of days the decided to carry out a life saving operation, so my father was taken to the hospital of Törökszentmiklós.

But later it turned out that the operation was unsuccessful. And they suggested to ask for chemo therapy. Shortly after he felt awful with all side effect of the process.

Then came the wonder. In a local paper there was an article about Gabolexin. I immediately looked after it on the net. First I consulted with a doctor (Dr. Éva S.). She sent us to Budapest where we could get the medicine based on the final medical report. Right after the last chemotherapy we could realize the beneficial effects of the Gabolexin there were no further bad symptoms and my brother got well soon and under the whole 4 Gem P treatment he's blood test was perfect better than ever. He wasn't in hospital. There was a regression. He has hearty appetite the only problem is that he's getting overweighed then came the previously postponed radiation treatment and as with its usual side effect which he could not avoid ether.

All things considered when doctors gave up the hope even took the chemo unnecessary we got to the conclusion that the Gabolexin had been that made wonder. As a health worker for 30 years I know that the mortal rate is very high among those suffering from carcinoma of the lungs, and I have never experienced such good effect of the chemotherapy.

At first we were doubtful whether the Gabolexin could have been so effective but happily we were mistaken because his conditions are better and better due to your medicine we sent final records to Mister Kurtyák which justify the case written above.

My brother is fine now the tumor disappeared his only request is that he should give up rubbing the medicine into his skin, because it can cause headache. It was the only negative during the treatment.

L-né R. Irén (Full name, and access is available in our office)

I'd like to remember my father's sufferings,

although with not too much pleasure I am writing a few lines also remembering of those days lacking of your help when finally my poor father had a chance to recover with your help.

In the spring of 2002 turned out that my father had a tumor in his throat we took him to several hospitals but even the operation had been out of the question we had left to radiation and chemo therapy we were very afraid of them but with the hope of recovery we accepted it .

My father went through the treatment but in the end he broken down. It was when we turned to you and he begin to take the drops in and rub the ointment into his skin. At the checkup where a decision should have been made whether he needed further chemo and radiation treatment or any operation were needed it turned out that he was safe and sound at the rate of 90%, which can be taken as a wonder.

Thank you very much wishing you further successful work!

F-né G. Edit (Full name, and access is available in our office)

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