Promising results with Gabolexin

You can see below the results of Gabolexin Plus Gel usage 2 weeks after radiation therapy. The patient is 60+, suffered tongue base tumor. He's skin never been in better shape!

Leukemia C9210 - Spectacular results of a 41 years old hungarian man!

Gabolexin research

Budapest,2010.05.17.- 2010.10.30.

The research has been created by Gabolexin Ltd based on it's own surveys, and documentation, involving Hungarian and Slovakian patients, who could produce up-today diagnosis .as well as results of the continuous check-up, given by their doctors. So the results are neither partial not manipulated.

The process of the research

With the participation of 60 people, who applied Gabolexin at least 3 months long, most of them decided to continue the treatment. Observation happened as it fallows.

20 men aged 45-65. (given chemo, and various therapies)
20 women aged 35-65. (treated as it mentioned above)

Type of the tumors

Men: Cancer of the larynx, lungs, bronchia, kidney, urine bladder, as well as lymphoma, and leukemia.

Woman: Cancer of the breast, the lungs, liver with menstruates tumor, cancerous pancreas, digestive organs.

Before Gabolexin comprehensive blood picture, CT, and general examination were carried out.


Regular medical check-up, as well as (Tumor marker and CT) for patients in I-II phase.

Favorable results

Impressive improvement in general status 90% of the patients, seas of bad appetite, and fatigue within the first 2-3 weeks, and after the first month the strong pain became weaker, or disappeared. Side effects of chemo-therapy could not be felt at 80%. One of the patients admitted that after chemo, went to the canteen ate a sandwich and went home with a public transport vehicle. To the doctors greatest surprise, the blood picture at 70% of the patients showed impressive progress within 1-1,5 months at 30% in the 2.and 3 month blood-forming started to begin. So the patients general status and life conditions considerably improved.

60% CT showed regression, and at 30% contraction. According to the specialists patients survival chance in the III phase considerably increased. A patient diagnosed with cancer with his almost normal blood picture (within 10 days) made his doctor so surprised that he could hardly believe to his eyes, after 2 weeks he prescribed an expensive medicine as he didn't know that the patient had taken Gabolexin. The doctor claimed that he did not the slightest idea what was going on, because even the medicine needs a few months to realize it's effect. This medicine costs 600.000 HUF and supported by the Hungarian Health Ministry.

Those who used Gabolexin only

20 patients who were unwilling to undergo Chemo, or radiation treatment, confessed that they had taken Gabolexin only. Both women and men , aged 30-55, in the I,II, phase.


Results : At 90% better blood picture, better  physical condition in the 2. month. At 30% the illness reversed sensationally. At 30% regression in the 6th week, 30% the illness got slower, At 10% change  could not be seen.

All things considered, the Gabolexin has met the requirements over the exceptions, in spite most of the patients did not get Gabolexin for free, but all of them claimed, that Gabolexin help them to get well. Of course we appreciate these opinions, and we wish our clients to be in further contact.

Those patients who let their doctors know about taking Gabolexin said : those doctors who tend to accept alternative therapy said: that  no products available now days which in some cases could produce such sensational results within a short time.


The Gabolexin is a premium quality 100% herbal formula, not an expensive medicine, so it has no medical effects.

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